The Unraveling of We The People


                     "The American Republic faces terrible challenges - and David Lantz tells us how we got here, and what we can do to start fixing matters. "

Dr. David Randall, Communications Director

National Association of Scholars


"To be an American was to be different from

 other nationalities. ... That culture is

 unraveling." Charles Murray



In his book, The Unraveling of We The People,

David Lantz asks and answers the following


  1. What were the original beliefs that facilitated the process we called the melting pot and caused a diversity of people groups to join together to become one nation, under God?

  2. What has caused the demise of the melting pot approach to teaching civics education?

  3. How did we come to question who we are as a people, and create instead groups of racial, cultural and ideological "tribes" all clamoring for, but never finding, equality?

  4. How might we correct the mistakes that have been made in the way we teach civics education?

Have David Lantz Speak at your group/as a guest on your program. Hear/see him in some previous venues:

  1. Indiana Family Forum Podcast with Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana, 1/4/2018.

  2. Radio Interview: We the People with Phil Duffy, 4/13/2018. Start at the 9:26 minute mark.

  3. Playlist of videos created by David Lantz based on talks given about The Unraveling of We the People .

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What You Will Learn When You Read The Unraveling of We the People

  1. How Progressive leaders in the early twentieth century sought to re-engineer American society by changing the scope of public education.

  2. Why removing our Judeo-Christian heritage from being taught in the public schools was a necessary step for introducing the "New Civics" of public education.

  3. How 60s radicals like Bill Ayres of the Weatherman Underground continue their counter-cultural revolutionary movement from inside the halls of America's leadings colleges and universities.

  4. How young people who have been raised on the "new civics" curriculum, are now being recruited by liberal organizations, funded by people like George Soros, to dominate the "Viral Loop" via social media videos and blog posts.


To order a PAPERBACK copy

Click on the PayPal button below.  You will then be taken to

 PayPal's secure site to order the book via your credit card or 

Paypal account.  Cost is $10 + $2.75 for shipping & handling.



Civics education used to be one of our common threads woven through the fabric that holds America together.  More recently, civics education has been hijacked into a political social action campaign for divisive liberal causes designed to destroy American culture. As we observe college demonstrations spill onto our streets, many wonder why so many young people are the core of such protests . . . David Lantz's The Unraveling of We the People has both answers and solutions. I encourage every patriotic parent and grandparent to read this important new book.

Micah Clark, Executive Director, American Family Association of Indiana

Who is David Lantz?  

Author of Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses: Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible and The Brotherhood of the Scroll

State Director of the Indiana Christian Coalition, 1992-1995

Adjunct College Economics, Political Science & Statistics Instructor

He was named University of Phoenix Faculty of the Year by the Indianapolis Campus Class of  2005.

Author of Two Historical Christian Novels, and Creator of multiple Online, On-Demand Courses 

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