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The Unraveling: Dominating the Viral Loop

April 27, 2017 0 Comments


In previous posts, I’ve explained how the income transfer policies begun under FDR and LBJ, portrayed the forgotten man as a member of the non-working poor who needed to be given the wealth of others in order to sustain thems.  This was a change from the original forgotten man paradigm where the low income working person who paid his taxes had been forgotten by the ruling elite of society.

The unintended effect of this change in emphasis on who was the “forgotten man” has been an expansion of people in the welfare recipient class.  With the expansion of the recipient class, one last problem has confronted the Progressives:  How could they explain away the failure of their well-intentioned but misguided policies?   Advocates of an anti-Christian, anti-free market philosophy emerged using the tools of the Internet to expand the efforts first begun by the Progressives, and offered the following solution:

Simply redirect the blame.   Today, those who have promoted the deconstruction of the American Way of Life are doing just that, using the tools of social media to pursue their goals.

The Liberal Left’s Move to Use the Tools of Social Media

Experts in social media understand that the best way to advertise on the Internet is via “viral marketing.”  The goal is to create a buzz akin to the concept of person to person “word of mouth” advertising, where one pushes a positive discussion of what one is promoting into the stream of conversation.  Thus, viral marketing may defined this way:[1]

Any marketing technique that induces Web sites or users to pass on a marketing message to other sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message’s visibility and effect.

Given this definition, it is instructive to document the number of unique monthly visitors of the top 15 websites listed in the categories of “news,” “political,” and “viral.”  The table below uses rankings provided by  Note the Huffington Post is the third highest ranking site for news generally, and is number one for political news sites.


Source: eBizMBA Rank and .  Accessed 11/23/2016


The Huffington’s Post business model includes inviting as many as possible to blog for them, thus growing their link traffic.  According to, there are 233,644 different sites linking to their site.  The number two political news website, The Blaze, run by radio talk show host Glenn Beck, has only 13,295 websites linking in.[2]

I would submit that the liberal left’s use of articles designed to win the hearts and minds of Americans delivered via social networking sites is a key aspect of their viral marketing strategy.  In a word, they have learned how to dominate what we might call “The Viral Loop.”

Dan Gainor of The Media Research Center has written extensively on the relationship between George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and over 30 media organizations.  One of the organizations he wrote about that receives funding from Soros is The Center for Public Integrity, on whose board sits the Huffington Post’s founder,  Arianna Huffington, as well as other media elites.[3]  Similarly, one can trace the connections of many of the viral sites to reveal ties to various liberal organizations.

For example, according to an April 17, 2014 article titled “The Next Buzzfeeds?   5 Hot New Websites,” one learns that the founders of Uplink, Eli Pariser and Peter Koechley, formerly worked for Moveon.Org.  Similarly, the founder and CEO of PolicyMic, Chris Altchek, had previously worked for President Obama’s National Economic Council, and done political organizing work for the Service Employees International Union.[4]


While there are conservative groups, like Breitbart and The Blaze, that are competing in the social media sphere with these more liberal organizations, they have a great deal of ground to make up.  In a nation where young people are being increasingly indoctrinated into a liberal mindset via the public education system, the likelihood of reversing the trends that I have described in The Unraveling are highly unlikely, unless something profoundly radical is attempted.

In the eleventh and final article in my series of posts on The Unraveling, I will explore how conservative Christian policy advocates can take a page from the Progressive playbook and re-invent how we provide cultural, economic, political and social education in the meaning of The American Way of Life.  If you have a desire to review the previous posts in this series, click to read the previous posts in this series.

This series is based on an essay that I have written which you can find at  In that essay I lay out my thoughts as concisely as I can, with a full series of references endnotes (27 for those with a scholarly bent).  In this series of posts, I wish to expand on the original essay, and make it easier to digest via social media.

I also wish to invite a discussion on this topic.  To do so, please see my posts at DISQUS.

It’s time that all of us work together to reverse course, and restore the American spirit of self-reliance and pride in self-accomplishment exemplified the American spirit.

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[2] The Alexa website has a tool which allows you to enter any URL and returns a set of website statistics, including the number of websites that link to the “target” site you enter. Accessed 11/25/2016.

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[4] Lewis, Hilary.  “The Next Buzzfeeds? 5 Hot New Websites”, The Hollywood Reporter.  7:00 AM PDT 4/17/2014.  Accessed at on 11/25/2016.

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