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The Chronicles of Belteshazzar: Chapter One

January 29, 2021 0 Comments

If you’re a Baby Boomer like me, I’m going to bet that you’ve thought about the culture into which our grandchildren are growing up. And, if you’re familiar with the stories of Daniel and Esther in the bible, you’ve likely asked yourself how to help your grandchildren (or even your own children!) develop the kind of moral character those two icons of the Old Testament possessed. I think specifically of the story of the Prophet Daniel. As a teenager, he relied on God to navigate complex moral circumstances as a stranger in a strange land. Time after time, he chose to follow his faith. Do you have a son or daughter – a grandson or granddaughter – who needs to learn from these experiences?

Well, I’ve settled on a way to do this. I’m writing a book called The Chronicles of Belteshazzar. The target audience is kids and in grades four through nine, or approximately ages 9 to 15. It’s the story of Daniel in Babylon as told by a grandfather to his grandsons who come to spend the weekend, with their grandparents. Now, if you’ve ever seen the movie the Princess bride, you might recall that Peter Falk plays a grandfather who’s reading a story about true love to his sick grandson. (If you’ve not seen the movie, I encourage you to go on YouTube and look up!)

Each episode will not only have me reading a chapter from the book I’m writing, but also a question for reflection based on a scene from a movie. In this post, I want to share the first episode. Chapter One is titled “Auntie Dr. Sarah.” I would like to introduce you to my daughter Sarah, who died of breast cancer five years ago.

You see, I have four grandchildren – two of whom got to know her when they were two and four years old respectively. For them, she is at best a fading memory. The other two were born after she passed away. And so, in this first episode, I get to tell my grandsons about their aunt whom they never met.

And I’m inviting you to listen in to the conversation.

I hope you enjoy this first episode of The Chronicles of Belteshazzar:  Chapter One – Auntie Dr. Sarah.

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