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Social Media Strategy to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

June 16, 2015 0 Comments

This blog post is for any Republican leader willing to stand up and fight for us.  Because I live in Indiana, I will address my comments to Governor Mike Pence.  But, for all of you would-be Presidential candidates, the same invitiation that I extend to my Governor is also extended to you.

LEAD, and we will follow.

A Policy Proposal for Governor Pence

The US Supreme Court will rule any day now on a case known as King V Burwell.  This case focuses on the legality of subsidies being paid in order to reduce the cost of health care bought on the federal Health Care Exchange in those states that did not set up a state exchange.  If they declare it unconstitutional, the Democrats will launch a PR campaign against you and other Republican Governors who did not set up a state exchange.  Their plan?  To bully you and other governors into subscribing to a program that will bankrupt the country.  Their plan is quite simple, really.  The Democrats plan to use social media to rile up millions of Americans against the Republican Party as they lose their subsidies – making their “Affordable Health Care” suddenly Unaffordable.

This coming PR campaign that the Democrats will wage against you will make the Religious Freedom Restoration Act battle look like child’s play.  To avoid being rolled once again in the court of Public Opinion on this issue, you must develop a Social Media PR strategy that explains your position and puts the blame for our health care fiasco squarely where it belongs: The Obama Administration.

Thus, I am writing this today in the hope that you – or some other Republican Thought Leader – will work RIGHT NOW on a social media strategy to create a fire wall that can withstand the coming onslaught.  I propose that you build a campaign around the language of the statute that says that if your health care premiums exceed 8% of your household income, then you DO NOT have to purchase health care insurance.

26 U.S. Code § 5000A – Requirement to maintain minimum essential coverage

Buried in the language of the UN- Affordable Care Act is sub paragraph (e) of 26 U.S. Code 5000A regarding who is required to have health care insurance.  Sub paragraph (e) deals with exemptions under the Act, and says that:

“No penalty shall be imposed under subsection (a) with respect to—

(1) Individuals who cannot afford coverage

 (A) In general

“Any applicable individual for any month if the applicable individual’s required contribution (determined on an annual basis) for coverage for the month exceeds 8 percent of such individual’s household income for the taxable year described in section 1412(b)(1)(B) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

 In other words, if the cost of the base insurance program (the Bronze plan) is greater than 8% of your income, you can file for an exemption and not be forced to sign up for Obamacare.

What Happens If Millions of People File for  an Exemption Under Subparagrah (e)(1)(A)?

Governor Pence, it is patently obvious that President Obama KNEW that there not only could, but that there would, be those for whom health care under his plan would be unaffordable.  But, when you and other Republican Governors did not set up State Exchanges – Comments by people like Jonathan Gruber, who thought you too stupid to see through the duplicity of the act not withstanding – the President decided to provide subsidies to people who signed up for insurance on from non-exchange states anyway.  That, in a nutshell, is how we have come to King v. Burwell.

What Happens If Millions of People File for Exemption?  President Obama is now betting that ordinary Americans DO NOT KNOW that they can file for an exemption.   He knows that if they did, then the Insurance Industry would collapse, as the pool of potential policy holders would shrink dramatically.  Thus, President Obama seeks to coerce the Court into upholding his law with a favorable ruling in King v. Burwell, as he holds the threat of a collapsing Health Insurance Industry over their heads if they fail to do as he bids.

What the Republicans Must Do

Governor Pence, as one of the few sitting Governors who has also served in the US Congress, you know a great deal about the Republican alternatives that have been offered in the past.  You can speak to the lie the media has put forward that Republicans have no alternative plan.  No doubt, you are aware of the proposed  “American Health Care Reform Act” that the Republicans unveiled on June 5th.  Right now, only policy wonks and a few members of the media know that the Republican Party has a 192 page plan to repeal and replace Obama Care.

By focusing on this exemption that has been in the law all along, and encouraging Millennials and others that the path to FREEDOM is with the Republican plan, you can help snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  You can confront the Democrat Party with the lie of “Affordability” in the Affordable Health Care Act.

America needs to know there is an alternative.  They need to know that they can be FREE from this law – a law that you yourself declared was passed with disregard to the Constitution.

The Democrats  are not the only people on the planet that know how to use social media.  As a former radio talk show host, you know something about that as well.  You’ve hired a new communications team.  Give them the charge to get this information OUT THERE via a social media strategy.  Yes,  the Democrats will have their rebuttals.  That’s what you pay your communications staff for – to develop  answers to their rebuttals.  They can start by talking about ideas like the following that are in the Republican plan:

  • Creates a standard deduction for health insurance (SDHI)—an above-the-line tax deduction applied to both income and payroll taxes of $7,500 for individuals or $20,500 for a family—available to all Americans with qualifying health insurance.
  • Allows both spouses to deposit their catch-up contributions into one HSA account.
  • Permits states to once again offer accounts similar to HSAs for Medicaid recipients. A previous law terminated this option for states.
  • The SDHI will give families flexibility to pick coverage that best fits their needs and ensure that the tax benefit for insurance doesn’t go away if you lose or change jobs.
  • Allows Americans to purchase licensed health insurance in any state— just like they do for other insurance products—online, by mail, over the phone, or in consultation with a local insurance agent.

Governor, if your communications team can’t create a social media campaign using this and other information in the Republican Plan to make the case that we, the activist base are counting you Republican leaders to defend, then what hope do the rank and file have?

There are millions of Tea Party Activists who, as in the movie “Independence day”, are waiting for SOMEONE to come up with a strategy to defeat those who have invaded our nation’s capital and taken over one sixth of the nation’s economy.

If you lead, we will follow.


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