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Number Yourself Among Generation Self Employed

encouragelargeIn the first century A.D., the early Christians were excluded from society. They could not buy and sell in the common marketplace. Why? Because Roman law required everyone to declare Caesar Lord and Savior. The new Christians could not – would not – do that. They refused to be drawn into the Emperor Worship Cult. And so, they banded together to form their own communities. To trade, to buy and sell, and support each other’s businesses. We need to do that too. We need to Number ourselves among those in Generation Self Employed. That’s what this page is for. If you have a ministry that might help others, take a moment to create a link and “put it on the map.” If you have a Christian business you’d like to let others know about, then by all means, put it on the map and add your email and web page info in the description box. Encourage others you know to do the same. We are all small islands in the ocean trying to redeem the culture in isolation from one another. Consider joining the facebook group, Generation Self Employed.

Just click on the map and add your ministry or business, including your webpage url! Simply put the URL in the “directions” box.

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Happy Cow Studios
We are a marketing / outsourcing firm serving both ministries and business. Our desire is to fund church services through business profits allowing ministers to focus on the body (Act 6:1-7.
Truth Driven LLC
Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry
Transition Time Coach - Kelly McClelland
@ttccoach Supplier of Church Technology
National Supplier Church Technology

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