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Small Business Leadership

Across the United States, students go deeper into debt to study from textbooks written by academics who have little, if any, real world experience in practicing what they teach. At the same time that young people are going to school to learn how to earn a living, older workers, after a lifetime of experience, are discovering that in this Part Time Economy, their experience doesn’t get them very far. Whether you’re young in years or young at heart, you realize that to survive and thrive in the “New Normal,” you’ll need your own business. And, so, you are ready to say to the world: I AM GENERATION SELF EMPLOYED!

Why Have a Business? Hi, My name is David Lantz. I’m an Author, Speaker and Teacher. Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed that people are searching for a way to survive in our part time economy. I call this group of people Generation Self Employed, and have developed a set of small business courses built around this concept. Generation Self Employed’s mission is to help you understand what your passions are and how you are wired to best use the gifts and talents God has given you. If we are to lead a movement designed to redeem the culture, we can only do so if we can also find a way to become “tent makers” and earn a reasonable living.

Are you looking for curriculum and coaching that puts all the pieces of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle the “new normal” part time economy together to help you create a business? If so, then I’d like to suggest the following steps while exploring this website. I call the process E.A.R.N.:

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Entrepreneurship:  Complexity Simplified

First, we must learn how to become Entrepreneurs. You see, our education system is broken. Colleges and universities present their courses to students as though it was some sort of giant jigsaw puzzle, expecting students to magically put the pieces together. Older workers who have been downsized from their careers struggle to understand the new “Network Economy” of the Internet that has evolved since they first entered the workforce years ago. What if, instead of going thousands of dollars into debt, people spent only a few hundred dollars and invested their time in learning how to start and run their own business? Are you looking for curriculum and coaching that puts all the pieces of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle our education system has created together to help you create a business? If so, clcik Entrepreneurship: Complexity Simplified. I’ll give you the first course, Why Have a Business, for free just for completing our sign up form.

Achieve Success Unleashed

Achieve Success UnleashedSecond, we must Achieve Success Unlimited. There are two things EVERY business owner wants. First, to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any financial distress they find themselves in. Second, they want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having and so richly deserve. As the global marketplace changes at an increasingly rapid pace, people are hungry to connect with others who will exhibit a true sense of caring about those around them.  This means using social media to create virtual communities of people who interact and buy from you.  Click Achieve Success Unleashed where we’ll help you learn about specific tools to leverage the Internet and apply them to your unique business.

Run Your Business by the Numbers

Third, you must learn to Run Your Business by the Numbers. Profit is the life blood of a business. Unless you receive more money for the products and services you sell than it costs you in the materials and personnel to produce, your business will fail. The question you must answer is this: How will you collect and analyze sales data to know if you are making money, or losing money? If you fail to plan, then you essentially plan to fail. Therefore, to make sure to reward yourself from the fruits of your labor, you’ll need to prepare yourself with the tools needed to run a business successfully. Click Run Your Business by the Numbers, where we’ll help you identify courses on Excel, QuickBooks, Accounting and more that will help you make money and grow your business.

Number yourself among Generation Self Employed

Fourth, you need to Number Yourself Among Generation Self Employed! No man – no woman – is an island. Through this page, and our companion website,, we seek to link people together who can help one another. Perhaps you have a problem you’d like to gain some insight about from those who have “been there, done that.” Perhaps you’re looking for others to form marketing partnerships. Perhaps you have specific operational questions and you don’t know where else to turn for advise. Click Number Yourself Among Generation Self Employed, and we’ll seek to form a community of like-minded Christian entrepreneurs who can help one another with these and other questions.