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Having a Vision to Go to the Other Side of the Hill

August 20, 2016 0 Comments

I recently bought a 2013 Ford Focus.  One thing I quickly noticed after I bought it was that while I could remember I’d bought a Ford, I was having trouble remembering it was a Ford Focus.  I decided I needed to correct my lack of knowledge, and so spent time intentionally focused on reading the owner’s manual to learn about all the features of my new car – as well as the make and model name!


Such an interesting word.  When we focus, we can determine what to do to meet the demands of our daily routine. Whether as individuals, or as a group of people, a lack of focus prevents us from doing what needs to be done.

As difficult as it can be for an individual to focus, groups of people face an even greater challenge.  Their challenge is to get the right people in the right leadership positions, and then maintain a sustained effort to create a culture of focused purposefulness.  One of the things I enjoy doing is working with churches to do this in the context of discipleship.   The key is to define the kingdom vision God has given them for their ministry.  In helping churches and individuals pursue their mission from God, and remain focused on discipleship making, the Lord has led me to create a metaphor.  I simply call it having a vision to “Go to the Other Side of the Hill.”

In this video from my course, Pursuing Your Mission from God, I talk about the steps needed to “Go to the Other Side of the Hill,” what I mean by this phrase, and how to apply it to getting the right people assigned to the right places. As you watch this video, I briefly mention a “formula” to talk about why creating positive change can be so difficult.  Here is that formula:

Change occurs when D x V + FS > R where

  • D   = Dissatisfaction
  • V   = Vision
  • FS = First Steps
  • R   = Resistance

Notice that if we are to overcome resistance to change, we must focus on clearly defining the problem we face and discerning where God desires to lead us.  If we lack the self discipline or group leadership needed to start this process – and a careful reading of the owner’s manual – the Bible – we will remain stuck in neutral.  We will fail to focus.

And, ultimately, forget why God even placed us here.


David Lantz is an Author, Speaker, Teacher specializing in online education, ministry leadership, and curriculum development.  He is the author of the book, Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses.  To take Pursuing Your Mission from God for 25% off the course price, use the coupon code 25pctdiscount.


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