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Entrepreneurship: Complexity Simplified

In 2013, the University of Phoenix issued a press release in which they stated that “only a quarter (25 percent) of working adults say college education today effectively prepares students for employment in the workforce.”  Why are schools missing the mark with what they are teaching?  Colleges are teaching students skills they would use if they went out and got a job working for someone else when the onslaught of what some are calling the “part-time economy”  has students questioning the value of a traditional four year degree. Students take courses from a variety of disciplines, but no one has shown them how to put this complex jigsaw puzzle together if their intention is to start their own company.

Working with Mr. Scott Badger, the owner of homeschool cooperative called Northpoint Classes, I designed a course on entrepreneurship for high school students. Complexity Simplified 101 presents these classes in an online, on-demand format. Please accept as my gift to you the course Why Have a Business, which you can access for free by CLICKING HERE.

How to Teach

The Art of Online Socratic Instruction

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Why Have a

An Introduction to Generation Self Employed

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Understanding Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Develop an Ownership

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Servant Salesmanship

If You Serve Your Customers, They Will Buy From You

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Your Business by the Numbers

Profit = Total Revenue – Total Cost

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Creating Business Strategy

Failure to Plan Means You Plan to Fail

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