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Engage the Culture

I believe that if we are to engage the culture, we must first “gain standing.” This is the idea that you will listen to me IF I demonstrate to you that I have something of value to say – and the value is in the eye of the listener. Paul did this in his sermon on Mars Hill in Acts 17. While he didn’t gain many converts in his initial conversation, he got people to listen to him.  When God laid on my heart His purpose for my life some years ago, I started with a newsletter I simply call Conversations with the Culture.  I had no idea where the journey of writing it each month would take me. The idea is to simply use the shared experience of watching a movie, find a spiritual quality in that movie, and use it to start a conversation with the culture about the truths of the Bible.

If We Listen, We Can Hear God's PlanAnd now some 9 years later, I have a e-book with 50 issues of the newsletter I’d like to give you.  To download Discovering Truth at the Movies:  If We Listen, We Can Hear God’s Plan, simply CLICK HERE.  It’s my gift to you for taking time to review the contents on this page.  I hope you will consider signing up for my newsletter, Conversations with the Culture, and look at my novel, The Brotherhood of the Scroll. And, if you are interested in learning more about how to leverage the power of the Internet to teach others about spiritual truth, please consider the two courses I’ve provided at the end of the page.

Conversations with the Culture

In the fragmented, multicultural world in which we live, one vehicle provides a means to have a conversation about common values. Conversations with the Culture is a monthly newsletter using the themes of modern movies and TV shows to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in search of an answer to the question, “What is Truth”?

You take the Red Pill, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth.

Oh, and one other thing. You’ll need to be Born Again!

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The Brotherhood of the ScrollAnother way to engage the culture is through novels. Have you ever stopped to wonder how the rivalries between empires like Babylon and Egypt in ancient times might have been like the clash of superpowers today?  What if you could learn about these ancient conflicts and use that knowledge to help you better understand current events, as well as the BibleThe Brotherhood of the Scroll is a fast paced novel.  Combined with its companion study course, The Clash of the Superpowers, it weaves adventure and the bible together to get young people interested in learning about the lessons of history.

The Brotherhood of the Scroll

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Clash of the Superpowers

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How to Teach Online

How to Teach Online

One last thought. To engage the culture in a conversation about moral and spiritual truth, we need to study how to use the “Iron of the Culture” to communicate TO the culture. Church leaders are committed to a “Sage on the Stage” model that views the communication of spiritual truths as unidirectional – I talk, you listen. In the online world, one must cultivate community and encourage others to join in a conversation. To help you learn how to do that better, I’d like to encourage you to consider two courses

How to Teach Online

Proven Strategies for teaching & Building Community Online

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How to Teach with Technology

Create engaging lessons to Communicate with the Culture.

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