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Encourage One Another

encouragelargeIf you’re like me, you have more social media accounts than you have time to keep up with. Perhaps you make a contact with someone, trade a few messages, but then forget about them. One reason this may have happened is because you never really noticed where that person lives. But what if you could use a tool – a map – that pinpointed where people were, provided a link to their ministry site, and linked it to your existing social media accounts? Finally, what if you could use such a resource to connect friends, loved ones and ministry partners when they were looking for help someplace where you had made a contact? Well, that’s what this page is for. If you have a ministry that might help others, take a moment to create a link and “put it on the map and add your email and web page info in the description box.” If you have a Christian business you’d like to let others know about, then by all means, put it on the map Encourage others you know to do the same. We are all small islands in the ocean trying to redeem the culture in isolation from one another. But, by linking in this way, and joining the facebook page WISEJARGON, we can help encourage one another in this linked in world of online ministry.

First John 1:7:  But if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.

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Happy Cow Studios
We are a marketing / outsourcing firm serving both ministries and business. Our desire is to fund church services through business profits allowing ministers to focus on the body (Act 6:1-7.
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Mission / Strategic Objectives of Wise Jargon:

Through this website, my mission is to help people of faith discover how to leverage the power of the Internet to communicate their message, to train others on how to implement that message, and to build relationships for the furtherance of their message. As an author, teacher and sojourner on a high tech journey to a linked in world, my goal is to help you sort through the fog of technological change, applying wisdom to filter the technical jargon we increasingly encounter. I’ve chosen to call my website Wise Jargon, based on Proverbs 15:2: The Wise Man Makes Knowledge Acceptable