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Cultural Leadership

As the Salt and Light of the message of Jesus has been removed in America, the culture has become more coarse.  How can we redeem a culture that was once likened to a “City on a Hill” that shed forth light in a dark world? If you’re at all familiar with the ministry of Jesus Christ, you know that He was fond of saying  “Come, follow me.” His was a program of “do what I do,” rather than “do what I say.”  To me, that’s what leadership is all about:

  • 1. Knowing what to do,
  • 2. Doing it,
  • 3. Showing others what to do,
  • 4. And turning them loose to go do it.

Hi, My name is David Lantz.  I’m an Author, Speaker and Teacher. Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed that people are searching, seeking direction.  As a country, we’ve lost our way.  Each of us needs to ask:  What can I do?  Then we need to go do it, train others to do the same thing, and then turn them loose to repeat the process.  I’ve given some thought to this, and in following the teaching pattern of Jesus, I’d like to suggest the following steps while exploring this website. I call the process M.E.E.T.:

Master the Iron of the Culture

Iron of Our Culture

Iron of Our Culture

In Old Testament times, the Philistines knew how to make weapons out of iron.  The Israelites didn’t.   They had to master of the “iron of the culture” in their day in order to compete, and so must we.   Online education is sweeping the globe.  Social media, videos, websites like this one, and more have become the “Iron of the Culture.”  CLICK HERE to access courses that will help you master the IRON OF OUR CULTURE.  Just for going to this link, I’ll give you a free e-book Finding Community: Creating Connections on the Frontier of Online Ministry.

Encourage One Another

Encourage One Another in Excellence

Encourage One Another in Excellence

If we are to redeem the culture, we all need to pitch in where God has placed us. But how can we encourage one another if we never talk to each other? First, go to this page and add your ministry to our interactive map and join a community of people learning about leadership and coaching to “improve their serve” wherever they are called.  Second, consider connecting on facebook at  God has called each of to serve in a community of believer.  CLICKING HERE to learn more, I’ll share with you my course, Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses for free.

Engage the Culture

If We Listen, We Can Hear God's Plan

Discover Truth at the Movies

To engage the culture, we must first “gain standing” with the culture. To “gain standing,” I must first demonstrate to you that I have something of value to say – and you, the listener, decide if it’s worth hearing. Paul did this in his sermon on Mars Hill in Acts 17. He engaged the culture by, first, understanding it, and second, having a conversation with its representatives. To discover how I propose to gain standing in our day, CLICK HERE and I’ll give you access to my free e-book, Discovering Truth at the Movies.

Train Others to Go and Do the Same

Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible

Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses

There are lots of books on leadership out there. Most are long on short, snappy phrases. Few are long on the thing that makes for true leadership: How to experience the lessons of leadership in life’s crucible of conflict, passing through trial and tribulation in order to faithfully obey God’s leading. When you CLICK HERE and I’ll give you free access to my course, Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses, and provide links to other courses I believe you might benefit from as you seek to train others to share the Gospel in a “High Tech, Linked in World.”