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In 1997, I came up with the idea for a “Tom Clancy” like novel set in bible times. I envisioned a group committed to preserving the Word of God as Babylon threatened to destroy Jerusalem. And so, following the time line of the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament, I conceived of a plot line in which Jeremiah, along with his two trusted disciples, Daniel and Ezekiel, worked to preserve God’s word in a world at war. Since finishing the The Brotherhood of the Scroll in 1999, I have now created a home school curriculum titled Clash of the Superpowers and a sequel, The Sword of the Scroll. Through these pages, I invite you to take a few moments to learn about it and see if you might find it of use in working with young people to learn the truth of the bible.

The Brotherhood of the ScrollConsider a world international scene dominated by two superpowers. Consider a world in which both superpowers form alliances, plan assassinations, and undertake massive projects to gain advantage over their adversaries. Consider a world in which third rate countries choosing the wrong superpower as an ally are destroyed, their ruling cast carried off into exile by the invading enemy. Finally, consider a world international scene in which a small group of religious zealots boldly proclaim that the coming world conflagration is the will of God.

Such was the case in 600 B.C. when Babylon vied with Egypt for world domination.

Jeremiah & the Legacy of Judah’s Kings

The Brotherhood of the Scroll lends itself to a study of both the Bible and ancient history. This examines the legacy of Judah’s kings, and how a series of rulers had led the nation astray. It looks at how they chased after the pagan gods of Assyria, and how the religious reforms of King Josiah were only skin deep.

To read an excerpt from The Brotherhood of the Scroll where Jeremiah discovers how the people have not returned to following God, CLICK HERE

Jeremiah: Standing Up for What is Right

Key to the plot of the novel is the fact that in 600 B.C. Egypt was building a canal near where the Suez Canal is located today. If Egypt could build the canal, she could sail her navy out and around the Arabian peninsula to attach Babylon up the Euphrates river. History records that Babylon invaded Egypt where the canal was being built in 601 B.C. This video examines the trade routes and their importance in ancient and modern times, and examines how Jeremiah spoke out for what is right.

Jeremiah: God’s Man in a World at War

History records that Nebuchadnezzar took captives from many nations and brought them into exile to Babylon. Just as New York City became a melting pot of various immigrant populations, Babylon too would have multiple immigrant enclaves. The Hebrews who were exiled to Babylon would have been under constant pressure to partake in the pagan practices of the people around them. Would they remain true to God’s word, or would they compromise with the culture around them? This video examines that issue.

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The Brotherhood of the Scroll

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Clash of the Superpowers is the comparative history curriculum designed to accompany The Brotherhood of the Scroll. Learn more about this course by simply CLICKING HERE.


The Sword of the Scroll

The Sword of the Scroll is the exciting sequel to The Brotherhood of the Scroll. Learn more about that book by simply CLICKING HERE.

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