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Discovering Courage Like Jeremiah’s

Years ago, I wrote a historical Christian novel titled The Brotherhood of the Scroll. The story takes place during the time when Jerusalem was destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and her people taken into exile. The novel follows the timeline of events as described in the book of Jeremiah. In writing my novel, I fell in love with the story of the man scholars call the “weeping prophet.” Jeremiah courageously spoke God’s word to a world that didn’t want to hear him. In this anthology I’ve titled Discovering Courage Like Jeremiah’s, I’ve combined several issues of my newsletter where I used the story of Jeremiah to see how we can apply God’s word with love and compassion to controversial issues in our day.

I hope you’ll consider using this with a High School or College group study and conversation. Or, perhaps some pastors could be moved by God in developing a sermon for a church service.


Star Wars


After the death of King Josiah in 609 B.C., the worship of pagan gods was heavily promoted by the ruling class. Because Jeremiah spoke out against members of the ruling class (both priests and politicians) who promoted idol worship, Josiah’s successor, King Jehoiakim, sought to have Jeremiah killed. Members of Jeremiah’s own family even wanted him dead. No one listened to him. And so, for over twenty years, Jeremiah called upon Judah to turn from serving foreign gods – but they would not listen to his message.
The King’s Speech

Jeremiah knew God had called him to be a prophet – and that God had ordained Jeremiah’s purpose before he was even born! And, it was clear to him that he had especially been called to hold the political and religious leaders accountable. In Jeremiah 25, the prophet responded to God’s call on his life to speak out against the sins of the King and the Priests. The message God placed on Jeremiah’s heart to speak was an especially ominous one. Jeremiah knew that a price would be put on his head if he spoke it, but he did anyway.





In this At the Movies anthology, I’ve selected key movie scenes where the story’s hero had to take a stand against impossible odds and act courageously. Just as in the prophet Jeremiah’s day, doing the courageous thing is often not the popular thing. CLICK HERE and I’ll give you access to a sample chapter using the movie Alien.


Discovering Courage Like Jeremiah’s at the Movies

Discover Courage Like Jeremiah's at the Movies

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