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At The Movies


In 2005, God laid on my heart the concept for a newsletter I’ve come to call  Conversations with the Culture, to talk about the truths of the bible with an increasingly secular society.  Since starting, I had no idea where the journey of writing it each month would take me. I’ve written about 150 issues over years.  And now, I’m starting to organize them thematically so that you can order/download them as PDF documents.  If you are someone  who wants to identify trends in society, discuss current events, and see how to reach the culture around us with a biblical world view, I think you’ll find this series I’m calling Discovering Truth At the Movies a valuable tool – especially if you work in youth/young adult ministry.

David Describes Conversations with the Culture

In the fragmented, multicultural world in which we live, one vehicle provides a means to have a conversation about common values. Conversations with the Culture is a monthly newsletter using the themes of modern movies and TV shows to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in search of an answer to the question, “What is Truth”?

Discovering Godly Leadership at the Movies: In this e-book, I’ve compiled ten newsletters I wrote to accompany my book Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses: Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible. I believe you’ll be inspired by the themes I’ve selected to illustrate the ten principles of Godly leadership.
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Discovering Truth at Movies:

To learn more about each e-book, simply click the “At the Movies” drop-down box to find the page you’re interested. To order, simply click on the title below:

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You take the Red Pill, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth.

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What Others are Saying About Conversations with the Culture

I look forward to those great days when David Lantz’s “Conversations with the Culture” arrive in my email.  They are always thought provoking and intellectually stimulating.  I heartily recommend that this be put on the very top of your regular reading list. The world would be a much better place if everyone took David’s words to heart.

 John S. Flick

“David, I thank God for allowing us to share this space in time through the gift of the newsletter Conversations with the Culture. Because God is talking in today’s generation voice, your newsletter allows the use of themes, movies and TV shows to share the gospel of Jesus to ALL cultures in conversation.”

 Cheryl Talley-Black

Thanks for your work on “Conversations with the Culture.”  I look forward to this every month.  I find your newsletter informative and insightful.   It is refreshing to find someone trying to apply the truths of Scripture to contemporary culture.  I think one of the problems facing the Christian church is that Christians many times don’t understand the the non-Christian world view.  Your use of contemporary movies helps to bridge this gap.  Your March 2019 issue addressed the movie, The Circle.  After reading it, my wife and I rented this movie and viewed it together.  Your insights and discussion of this movie helped set the stage for our evening discussion.

 Richard Dark