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Welcome to Wise Jargon!

The Internet is revolutionizing everything we do, from the way we teach to the way we interact with our friends. In this fast paced, ever changing environment, we know we must change with the times.

The question is: How can we manage change so that our values are not compromised?

As an author, teacher and sojourner on a high tech journey to a linked in world, my goal is to help you sort through the fog of technological change, applying wisdom to filter the technical jargon we increasingly encounter. I’ve chosen to call my website Wise Jargon, combining the ideas from two bible verses:

Proverbs 15:2: The Wise Man Makes Knowledge Acceptable  John 17:17: Sanctify them in the Truth. Thy Word is Truth

To the world, God’s word just sounds like “jargon”. Just words. But, I believe that in the diverse, mulit-cultural world in which we live, people still long to hear truth. But, truth must be spoken in love with wisdom.

Mission / Strategic Objectives of Wise Jargon:

Through this website, my mission is to help people of faith discover how to leverage the power of the Internet to communicate their message, to train others on how to implement that message, and to build relationships for the furtherance of their message. Communicating ideas, Wise Jargon’s three-fold strategic objective is to be:

  1. Insightful: unlocking concepts and truths others don’t see

  2. Convergent: unifying divergent concepts into one theme

  3. Focused: applying cutting edge creativity to deliver clarity

To learn more about me and the services I provide, please see the About Us page, as well as the Books and Courses tabs.

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